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IGCSE Agriculture

IGCSE Agriculture


This course is the only one we offer that requires coursework and attendance at our school centre in the Isles of Scilly for assessment of practical skills and to take the final exam. The price includes all learning materials and assessments. It does not include exam fees nor the cost of travel or accommodation in relation to visiting the school for assessments.

The course provides a good general introduction to agricultural, looking at types of farming, the basics of animal husbandry, understanding crop production, looking at farm structure - buildings, water supply and equipment - and farm accounts.
Students carry out a number of practical activities and also select an experimental project. These contribute to the overall grade gained in the exam. There is also one written paper.
Part 1 of the course covers a general introduction to farming, crop production and practical tasks
This course is suitable for students over 14 as well as adult learners. 

:  at  £250.00  each

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