Business Studies

Business Studies


  business studiesThis is a course of interest to many home educators. It is a "stand alone" course which means that, unlike for example Maths, which builds on knowledge acquired during Key Stage 3 (11-14 years), this course does not assume previous knowledge save for a general level of maths (to allow you to use graphs, charts etc), and English (to enable you to write reports etc.) Many parents find this an attractive option as, being of a less specialised nature than many subjects, parents feel able to assist and encourage their children in understanding the modern business world and its workings.

The course includes a comprehensive textbook covering the IGCSE syllabus and contains lots of case studies and exercises to develop your understanding. These are backed up by ten tutor marked assignments to check you are "on the right track." The final assignment is a complete mock exam which is marked to examination standard and a grade awarded so that you can monitor you progress.

Suitable for children of 14 or over, average approximate study time 100-150 hours, this course is also an excellent companion to IGCSE accounting with which it slightly overlaps. 





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