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“We are very pleased with his progress so far. Thank you for marking and commenting on his work so quickly.

Our County Council inspector for home-educated children (a very well respected ex-head teacher from our local college) had not heard of Little Arthur until he came to see us, and, like us, he was extremely impressed with the standards of your courses.”

  Mr and Mrs D.


“When we returned, R decided to start straight away which was encouraging. Even better was the fact that he doesn’t seem to be struggling with the maths at all, which is good.

Once again, thank you for the fantastic materials and books which were excellent.”

  Mrs S


“Well presented. Excellent textbooks and assignments provided. Quick marking and return of assignments. Very suitable for home-based learning. Sets out requirements of course clearly and good study planner for each course.

Have been home-educating for nearly ten years now and this is the best material I have found. Also thrilled to have access to home-based IGCSE.”

  Dr P


“I would like to say how much he and I are enjoying this course. F is not a natural scientist but this is a very friendly course.

Once again, thanks so much for your help and support. The courses have helped to give a structure to our work and given us the reassurance that we are covering all the necessary material.”

  C.M. (AQA examiner)


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